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The Issels Medical Center


Provides patients with the highest quality of personalized care and most effective treatments for their medical conditions.

The Issels Medical Center with locations in Santa Barbara, California and Phoenix, Arizona, was established by Dr. Christian N. Issels, the son of Dr. Josef M. Issels, a world-renowned cancer specialist and pioneer of modern comprehensive cancer therapies. His therapeutic achievement resulted in his appointment to the German Federal Government Commission in the Fight against Cancer from 1981 to 1987. Dr. Christian N. Issels, ND, and his medical team follow the comprehensive holistic immunotherapy model, which is based on, and an expansion of, his father's life work.

The treatment at the Issels Medical Center integrates advanced, research-based, alternative/complementary and conventional methods into an immunobiological treatment program that builds on a 50-year history.

The treatment focuses on both the disease and on the underlying causes. In the case of cancer, it aims to also restore the natural functions of regulation, repair and defense to enable true healing and prevent recurrence.

Individualized treatment programs are administered to patients suffering from conditions such as:
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome;
Fibromyalgia Syndrome;
other Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Immune Disorders;
and all kinds of sensitivities and allergies.

Dr. Christian N. Issels and his team of physicians work in collaboration with all specialty medical fields to provide full spectrum health care.

DISCLAIMER: The extent of the response to treatment varies from patient to patient, even with similar diagnosis as the internal bodily environment is unique to each individual patient.

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